Easy "Cheater" Guacamole

20131121-212336.jpg So believe it or not, I never tried guacamole until my sophomore year of college. Why, you might ask? Onions, of course! When I finally tried it, I loved it! And then I didn’t eat it again for two years. It was that long until I figured out an easy, no-appliances-needed way to make a relatively delicious version of my own! It’s really simple and only has five ingredients, three of which I’m guessing you already have on hand. Avocado, Rotel, garlic, salt and pepper–that’s why I call it ‘cheater’ — you don’t even have to cut up the veggies!  

The most difficult part of this recipe for me is using the avocado at the peak ripeness. I always jump the gun and it’s too hard or wait too long and it’s brown and icky inside. Ok sometimes I get it right but usually not quite. Anyway, the first thing you do is cut open the avocado. Take out the pit and then scrape the inside into a bowl. Mash it up with a fork against the side of the bowl.  Pro likes to use the bottom of a glass to mash it. If you have a blender or good processor, I would imagine this would be a good use for it! Next, drain the Rotel and mix some of it into the avocado. I usually use about a half to a third of a can per avocado. Add garlic. I use minced garlic in oil out of a jar (Wegman’s brand) because I find it easier and have terrible knife skills, but you can definitely use fresh if you prefer. Probably even garlic powder, but I’ve never done that so try it at your own risk 😉 add salt and pepper to taste, then stir until it is evenly dispersed.

20131121-220919.jpgThere you have it! It’s that easy! Enjoy with veggies or tortilla chips. I will admit I’ve had a few dinners consisting completely of this guac and chips and wine. Also I will now shamelessly plug Aldi’s tortilla chips. Pictured here: 

20131121-220652.jpg They cost $1.19 for an entire bag! No joke. Also they are really good. A little thin so sometimes break while dipping, but for a third of the cost of name brand? I’ll take them!!



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