Review: Wegmans Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix

Don’t get me wrong- I am all for homemade. If I can make something from scratch, I prefer to do it that way.  However, sometimes the time just isn’t there. In this case, it was Wegmans to the rescue! Sadly there are no Wegmans anywhere near me, but Hillary sent me a care package including this Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix! 



I had an event I wanted to take cookies to, and these were a snap to whip up. All you need to add is 6 Tbsp butter, and 1 egg.  I also added a splash of vanilla extract, because why not?

They came out soft and chewy, and were really good plain, just out of the oven. ( I may have eaten two… oops).  

ImageI decided to experiment with what else I could do with these to dress them up a little, since I didn’t have any coarse sugar to put on top. Christmas is just a mere two and a half weeks away, and I just happened to have this on hand…

ImageNeedless to say, this turned these plain sugar cookies into a festive treat that was SO tasty!

They were a big hit, even among the non-gluten-free eaters at the party, and a nice festive touch to the evening. 





Overall rating: 5 out of 5!

This cookie mix was easy, delicious, and seems really versatile. I can’t wait to experiment more with variations and recipes for this mix.  





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