Top 7 Timeless Summer Accessories

Classic Summer Accessories (3)

If you are anything like me, you like nice things.  Unfortunately for us, we don’t always have the funds to have everything we want.  I feed my need for quality items by purchasing things that are elegant and classic, so they last season after season rather than becoming out of style in a few months.  I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorite summer accessories.  For me, these are the things worth investing in.  In fact, I own every single one of these summer staples, and have used each one for two or more years now.

1. Metallic and Leather Flip Flops

Okay, this is the only item out of the bunch that I have had to purchase more than once.  That is usually because I run them into the ground nearly each season.  If you ask me, these can be dressed up or down, perfect for the beach or an evening out on the town.  Choose a pair that is extremely comfortable and you will find yourself slipping them on nearly every time you walk out your door!

2. Single Pearl and Gold Necklace

I have had this necklace since I was in my aunt’s wedding when I was ten years old.  It’s still a classic and I wear it almost every day.  Less dressy than an entire strand of pearls, it is much more versatile.  I have received countless complements on it and it is my go-to jewelry selection!

3. Light Cross-body Purse

Summer is a time of adventures, concerts, baseball games, and strolls in the city.  Who wants a big clunky purse weighing them down?  Admittedly, I do still use my “luggage” sized purse for every day, but I love having this as my weekend go-to.  I throw in my wallet, phone, and a lip gloss and am good to go!  I don’t have to worry about bumping into people in crowds or having my arm weighed down.  The light color makes it summery and fresh, but the neutral allows it to go with almost every outfit I can dream up.

4. Nude and Rose Gold Chunky Watch

I bought a rose gold watch with a nude face as a present to myself a few years ago.  It’s still in style and I still love it just as much as I did when I first got it!  I kind of like having something heavy on my wrist when I’m wearing short sleeves or sleeveless.  Maybe I’m kidding myself, but I like to think the rose gold makes me look more tan!

5. Nude Nail Polish

Okay, so maybe I use this all year round, but nude polish is my go-to for finger nails.  It is very forgiving when it comes to chipping and it blends my stubby little nails into my skin to make them look a little longer.  The nude is classic and sophisticated and appropriate for every occasion.

6. Super Bright Pink Nail Polish

Even though I go conservative on my finger nails, I like to add a pop of color on my toes!  I am a huge fan of bright magenta/pink.  It goes with practically everything and I think it makes my toes look sexy!

7. Tortoiseshell Ray-Ban’s

I just got these last summer and I am so in love! Would you believe that last summer I was one of those people who said I would never get designer sunglasses because they would just get scratched/lost/sat on?  Well I was.  That was until I realized I could use my vision insurance to get my prescription lenses in a pair of Ray-Ban frames and get them paid for.  That changed my mind!  I wear these every single day and I absolutely adore them.  The tortoiseshell makes them just a little feminine and the wayfarer style is always a classic!

Okay, so those are my must-haves!  They’re so flexible and go with nearly every outfit, so not only do they last summer after summer, but I wear them nearly every day.  What are your favorite summer classics?


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