About Us


Hi! We’re Laura and Hillary, co-founders of Grown-Ups In Training.  We are sisters (and best friends) who are just starting out as adults in the real world.  We started this blog to share our experiences becoming “grown-ups” because, let’s face it, we know we will take all the help we can get in this area, so why not try to pass along what we learn from our experiences?  We hope you enjoy our blog!


Hi! I’m Hillary (pictured right).  I’m 23 and recently graduated from Bucknell University with my degree in Civil Engineering.  I now work for a local Construction Management company.  I got married to Probese (“Pro”), the love of my life, on August 9th, 2013, so I am still adjusting to being a wife!  I have been using all of our lovely shower/wedding gifts to adventure into cooking and baking more, which has been fun.  I never had all that much interest in it before, but lately I have really enjoyed experimenting with new recipes and cooking techniques.  I have three goals to my cooking: healthy, easy, and TASTY!  I am allergic to onions (weird, I know) so you will probably notice that none of my recipes include them, because I always omit them from any recipe I am making.  I also have a strange phobia of bananas and refuse to eat them, so you won’t see those on here either!  

I really enjoy crafting and DIY’s, so you may see my experiments and projects posted on here from time to time.  If you have any questions or feedback for me, feel free to contact me at hillary.a.leo@gmail.com — I would love to hear from you!


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